The Editor

My name is Etta B Dickerson and I live in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I have a BA in English, and certifications in everything from fork truck driving to Negotiations & Conflict Management. I have been a business owner, and sometimes technical or business writer since 1990 as which theoretically allows me to write, design, and enjoy my family.

As for any questions about my expertise, I have 20+ years in telecom related to both equipment sales, installation and programming. My business experience includes contracting and specification. My writing ranges from hospital to hospitality, ironic as it sounds. My earliest business writing was in the hospital admin environment, and eventually most of our telecom customers were hotels.

Along the way, I picked up some measure of expertise in a few memorable jobs, like the one where I had to get certified on a fork truck.

Where I have any special expertise in a subject I write about, I will note it. Otherwise, you can rely on my love of research and sense of obligation to detail, and to note my sources and cite references and give tribute as it is due.

If you have any questions about the site or a post, please contact me.


Etta B Dickerson, Editor