Tsk Tsk to an imitator who used my blog name!

Etta B Dickerson has created sites, pages, and blogs since the first flowering of internet. I established my first business sites in 1999, and this blog has existed to publish writing samples since 2012. Naturally, I researched that no similar domains were already in use. I thus established “Pressed Blog” as pressedblog.com, a WordPress blog with a registered domain name, and updated it a few times over the years. Much to my disappointment, someone has literally claimed “pressed blog” as a domain name, using blog as the extension (rather than .com) and has moreover spread it across social media, using it for her handle.

All I can say is tsk tsk. For now, my collection remains here, and I will share direct links to this content, so that no one is confused by search results.


Etta B Dickerson, aka Mumicimo

1 October 2021

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